The Chainsmokers Premiere Gory Music Video For New Song "You Owe Me"

the chainsmokers you owe me video

The Chainsmokers Premiere Gory Music Video For New Song "You Owe Me"

These latest songs from The Chainsmokers simply aren’t my cup of tea. I really want them to return to their old sound immediately. And it’s not just me who isn’t fond of their new style. The majority of the U.S population is with me. The Chainsmokers’ latest single “Sick Boy” left the Top 100 on iTunes very pronto and this new single called “You Owe Me”, as of this post, hasn’t even debuted on the Top 100 yet despite being out for already 10 hours. So you see? Everything is flopping for The Chainsmokers this new era and it’s quite clear that fans are not feeling their new music and they want a new “Roses”, “Closer” or a new “Something Like This”.

andrew chainsmokers pretty face
alex chainsmokers legs

Their new track “You Owe Me” got out today and today too its music video was uploaded on YouTube. In the video Andrew and Alex (hello legs!) are seen doing all of the house chores as they get ready for a dinner with a group of friends at night. And once these friends arrive, they will all sit by the table, it all will look like a great time is about to be unfold but little did these guests know the guys of The Chainsmokers were going to suddenly turn into sadistic monsters and start killing them and eating their flesh… oh my god. So no only the song was repulsive but so was the music video… thank god for Andrew’s pretty face because if it hadn’t been for that, I would have cursed this music video for having me wasted 4 minutes of my life.

By on February 16, 2018

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