The Chainsmokers - "Paris": Music Video Premiere!

the chainsmokers paris video
the chainsmokers paris video premiere

The Chainsmokers - "Paris": Music Video Premiere!

What did they eat/smoke/drink before shooting this video? It is so… crazy - and totally not what I had in mind while listening to the song.

The Chainsmokers premiered the music video for their latest mega hit “Paris” this Friday morning on VEVO. As you must know by now, “Paris” will feature on the production duo’s forthcoming debut studio album “Memories Do Not Open”, due in stores on April 7th via Columbia Records.

Directed by Mister Whitmore, the video for “Paris” sees Drew Taggart and Alex Pall being witnesses of a floating mansion in the skies of their city and a crazy girl jumping out of it and falling miles down to… land back to her bed?

*Great song but could've gotten a better video!


By on February 17, 2017

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