The Chainsmokers Give Us New Song "The One": Listen Now!

the chainsmokers the one

The Chainsmokers released a new song from their forthcoming full-length debut studio album "Memories... Do Not Open" as a "countdown single" today on iTunes. The track in question is the album's opener: "The One". This electro ballad (co-written by Emily Schwartz, who also co-wrote "Don't Let Me Down”, featuring Daya) hears Chainsmokers lead singer Andrew Taggart singing about a dying relationship. "Before one of us takes a chance / And breaks this, I won't be the one", he sings in the chorus.

But here's a more extensive explanation about "The One" from The Chainsmokers themselves:

“It’s one of our favorite songs on the album and tells a personal story in each verse. Not to get to into it right now but the whole album deals with experiences, memories, and points of tension since drew and I started this crazy journey. The One specifically is about two things, in the first verse is just about how much our life has changed recently, how we miss out and skip things as a result of putting this all first, and its just been sort of crazy realizing how deep we are in it now and how life is complicated. We constantly prioritize this life and as a result we are missing out on memories and moments with our friends and families, and how we sort of feel like shit about it sometimes (not that we don’t know how lucky we are) The other half deals with the idea of knowing a relationship is just over and isn’t working out but being too scared to end it, something we all can relate…"

Needed a new break up anthem? Here it is!


By on March 27, 2017
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