Taylor Swift Starting Her Own Streaming Service? Should Apple Music & Spotify Worry?

taylor swift own streaming service

Taylor Swift Starting Her Own Streaming Service? Should Apple Music & Spotify Worry?

Wow if this turns out to be real.

Streaming platforms and Taylor Swift have never been best friends. She banned Spotify from ever playing her music (for not paying her the money she thought she deserved) and she fought really hard with Apple Music to get a streaming ideal good enough for her. Now, rumor has it Tay-Tay is planning on coming up with her own streaming service, possibly called "Swifties" - just like her fan base.

TMZ reports:

Taylor Swift is done fighting Spotify and other streaming services for royalties, and apparently wants to become the master of her own destiny by starting her own streaming service.
Taylor's filed docs giving her the right to brand a website "featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings." Sounds like a streaming service to us. She wants to call the website "Swifties."

Could Taylor have grown tired of Apple Music? Because if what TMZ is reporting is in fact the truth, then the days of Taylor Swift's music on the Apple streaming platform are numbered. If she creates "Swifties" you can bet anything that she will pull out her music from every existing streaming platform and focus everything on her own service. That meaning: her being in control of all the money she makes. That meaning: the queen will be richer. That meaning: her entire clique (Selena, Lorde, etc) will want to give her exclusive premieres. That meaning: we cannot wait for this upcoming new business success from Taylor. Spotify and Apple Music better be shaking in fear!

PS: We're going to LOL so hard if Taylor's streaming platform is a success and makes Jay-Z embarrassment with TIDAL even bigger.


By on March 15, 2017

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