Taylor Swift Gets Political: Drags Republicans, Endorses Tennessee Democrats!

taylor swift 2018

Taylor Swift is finally taking a political stance (and she’s picked the right moment). She just shared an open letter on her social media accounts to 1) drag the Republican Senate candidate from the State of Tennessee (where she will be voting) accusing her of homophobic and, sadly, to be against laws that protect women, 2) to show her support for Democrat candidates from her State for House of Representatives and Senate seats, and 3) to remind her fellow Tennessee residents that tomorrow, October 9th, is the last day to register for voting for the upcoming midterm election.

taylor swift open letter

Taylor’s public stance at this moment is quite monumental. Why? Because she’s a white woman with a country background who undoubtedly has a huge following of conservatives and she’s using her platform to speak up for minorities. Go, girl!

Will Taylor help Tennessee turn blue?

By on October 8, 2018
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