Taylor Swift Fights Taylor Swift In "Ready For It" Music Video: Premiere

taylor swift ready for it video
taylor swift ready for it video premiere

Taylor Swift Fights Taylor Swift In "Ready For It" Music Video: Premiere

It’s a battle between good Taylor Swift and bad Taylor Swift in the music video for the country-turned-pop-singer’s newest single “Ready For It”, which will be included on the upcoming album “Reputation” – in stores on November 10th. The music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, looks of a ridiculously high budget, as it features heavy usage of special effects worthy of a science fiction film from Hollywood. The theme of the music video revolves around bad Taylor Swift messing with imprisoned good Taylor Swift. The good Taylor, who is presented as a naked human-like cyborg, will use all of her super powers available to try to escape her transparent prison walls, as bad Taylor regards her from outside failing every time. Her last attempt, though, when she produces and sends away in attack manner a crazy bunch electricity beams, does succeed, leaving bad Taylor Swift seriously injured. Now good Taylor is free. But bad Taylor will be pissed. Video over.

We thoroughly enjoyed this music video but we didn’t really get the storyline. We understood what happened but we didn’t get ultimate point, as to the reason why it all occurred. It was just a good execution of a special effects-filled futuristic music video – that’s it. Will we be rewatching? Absolutely. The “Ready For Itmusic video is totally entertaining. But if Joseph Kahn could tweet to give light about the actual plot of the music video, we would appreciate.

By on October 27, 2017

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