Tamar Braxton Will Break Your Heart With "My Man": Song Premiere

tamar braxton my man

Damn, Tamar! The vocals in this song are just insane! IN-SANE.

Tamar Braxton just dropped a new song on iTunes called “My Man”. This is a powerful R&B ballad that she wrote “about her mother’s tumultuous relationship with her dad and his infidelities”. In fact, it seems this song was previewed in a latest episode of “Braxton Family Values”? Must check it out immediately I guess!

Will this be included on a forthcoming new Tamar album? That’s yet to be revealed but PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN. It’s been two years already since “Calling All The Lovers”. We need new Tamar Braxton music ASAP.


First things first: when is Tamar going to perform “My Man” LIVE on TV? I need this to happen tomorrow or the day after. I need to see Tamar slaying this live and snatch my soul right out of my body.

“My Man” is filled with impressive Tamar vocals. High notes, low notes, long notes…. everything. And she does it all flawlessly. I mean, the way she controls her vocal instrument to make it go on a crazy rollercoaster of difficult notes is just college-thesis material (“SHE STOOOOOOOLE MY MAN!”). It’s like Toni in her best days.

And what about the lyrics? They broke my heart. Poor Tamar’s mom! She got her man stolen by someone she knew and whom apparently she called a friend. The mistress even watched over her kids!

***Hit or Miss?**

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By on April 27, 2017
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