Tamar Braxton Premieres Unexpected Music Videos For 2017 & 2015 Songs

tamar braxton love it music video
tamar braxton the makings of you music video

Tamar Braxton is giving fans exactly what they want, and what do they want? To see their favorite R&B singer promoting her music. And it doesn't even matter if it's music from 3 years ago or 1 year ago.

Tamar first premiered on Friday a music video for her song “The Makings of You” from her 2017 album “Bluebird of Happiness” and in less than 24 hours she premiered a music video for her song “Love It” from her 2015 album “Calling All Lovers”. Yes, it all was very unexpected and random but do we take it? Of course we take it.

The “The Makings of You” visual is a very family-oriented one that sees Tamar spending the day with her loved ones while the “Love It” visual is an R-rated one that sees the Braxton sister flaunting her fierceness and sensuality as she performs a dance piece that a lucky hot guy will never forget.

Did she have these two music videos hidden in the vault or what? But thank you anyway!


'The Makings of You'

'Love It'

UPDATE (Nov. 26): Tamar has liberated another unreleased music video from the vault. This time the one she shot for "Wanna Love You Boy".

By on November 25, 2018
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