Tamar Braxton Assaults Cheating Boyfriend & Mistress In “My Man” Music Video: Watch

tamar braxton my man video
tamar braxton my man video premiere

Earlier this year Tamar Braxton released the hurting cheating anthem “My Man” and last night she finally premiered its official music video online. It took a while – and was the waiting worth it?

The black and white music video for “My Man” shows Tamar getting her acting skills on. She’s confirmed her boyfriend is cheating on her and she’s decided she will surprise him at the hotel room where he’s currently hanging out at with his mistress. A serious Tamar will entre the hotel’s lobby, bribe the receptions to get the information about the room number and get the keys, and up to the right floor she will go. She will linger singing hurtfully throughout the floor’s hallway as she makes her way to the appropriate door also preparing herself mentally for what she’s about to see. Once she enters the room, she will finally meet the woman who has stolen her man. Tamar will assault her and she will assault her now-ex-boyfriend while he’s still on the bed. She is furious. Once she’s caused enough drama, Tamar will steal the mistress’s fur coat and depart that infidelity-filled room. Finally feeling a bit more relaxed at her SUV back in the street, Tamar will ask the driver to turn the volume up of the song that’s playing on the radio. And if I’m not mistaken that sounds like a brand new Tamar Braxton song! Music video ends with a “to be continued” message.

Could that new song teased be Tamar’s next single and the song whose music video will be the continuation of this “My Man” visual? Can’t wait!

So… I love the song, love Tamar’s genius vocals, and I really liked the plot of this music video and Tamar's acting. It’s just that… didn’t it look a bit too low budget, poorly directed? Gurl. I know you aren’t with a major label anymore but get them coins for your visuals. Don’t bring cheapness, bring excellence. I hope Tamar redeems a little in the follow-up music video.

By on June 26, 2017
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