Taio Cruz - Hangover (Music Video!)

Are y'all ready to throw your hands in the air!? Taio Cruz is back and ready to commence a new era, the "TY.O" era! His new album will hit stores everywhere this upcoming December 6th, but the first single is already out! It's the Flo Rida-assisted "Hangover", such a 'in the money' club-ready tune, with a oh-so-catchy hook, which has the producing signature of hitmaker Dr. Luke. No doubt this will be a hit!

Taio premiered today (October 25th) via VEVO the music vid for "Hangover". The visual is pretty much a 'house party' clip where all guests and Taio himself do as the song's lyrics command: "I've been drinking too much for sure / I got an empty cup / Pour me some more / So I can drink until I throw up, eh.". Nice! They eventually go crazy, break into 'no trespassing' properties, drive a yacht on the L.A streets, and basically pull an all-nighter of craziness, alcohol, and party. Hmmm, there's some envy in me right now yes! lol. Anyhow, nice party vid, serves the purpose. The ending was hilarious!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on October 25, 2011
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