Sugarland’s Taylor Swift Collaboration “Babe” Is Here: Single Premiere & Review

sugarland babe

From the title I thought this was going to be a really sweet song but it was the entire opposite!

Country pop duo Sugarland premiered today the first single from their upcoming first new album in 8 years. The song is called "Babe" and the new album is called "Bigger", and this will be released in stores on June 8th. "Babe" features and was co-written by Taylor Swift (the girl is clearly taking care of her country music cravings these days by supporting country acts) and it's mid-tempo song about a terrible man being unfaithful to a sweet woman and just destroying the amazing future they could have had. Jennifer Nettles sings in the song that she may have forgiven mistakes of him in the past but cheating is something that she is not going to forget and she's done. So babe I'm sorry but bye!

I really thought there was going to be more Taylor Swift participation in this song as her name is added as featured artist but her participation basically consisted on some background vocals and some ad libs in the choruses, and although what she did was cute, I expected a little more presence from her to be honest. But I guess in her mind allowing Sugarland to put her name as the featured artist was more than enough participation? I mean, it's clear that when everybody sees Taylor's name as the featured artist, that alone is going to make "Babe" a hit.


Read the lyrics to "Babe" here

By on April 20, 2018
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