Stream Loreen's New Single "Hate The Way I Love You" Now!

loreen hate the way i love you

Stream Loreen's New Single "Hate The Way I Love You" Now!

Loreen’s getting more and more experimental with her sound. The Swedish singer premiered her new song “Hate The Way I Love You”, the second single from her forthcoming second full-length studio album “RIDE”, last night via Sweden’s Sveriges Radio (Sweden’s BBC Radio counterpart). Loreen must know what she’s doing because she gave Sveriges Radio the exclusive world premiere of “Hate The Way I Love”. The digital release won’t be happening until Friday, apparently.

Hate The Way I Love”, the follow-up to “71 Charger”, hears Loreen continuing her departure from her much-loved pop sound to embrace a far more “dreamy” and “experimental” one. The theme of the lyrics of “Hate The Way I Love” are something we’ve heard many times in other songs from other artists but sung with Loreen’s majestic voice these lyrics definitely end up resonating with a stronger force with you. “What if I told you / I die a thousand times / Every time you leave me here / I hold my breath through the night”, sings Swedish queen Loreen in the chorus.


UPDATE: Streaming embeds now available!

By on October 25, 2017

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