Stream Little Mix's 3 New Songs From "Glory Days: Platinum Edition" In Full Now!

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Stream Little Mix's 3 New Songs From "Glory Days: Platinum Edition" In Full Now!

Want to hear 3 new Little Mix songs? Yes? Well, today’s your lucky day! Today the British girl group release the re-release of their last-year-released fourth studio album “Glory Days”. “Glory Days: The Platinum Edition” is available for physical and digital purchase as of this Friday morning. The re-release as we said includes 3 brand new Little Mix tracks. They are: “Dear Lover”, “Is Your Love Enough”, and “If I Get My Way”. And yes, all 3 new songs are about love and relationships.

Strangely, Little Mix haven’t released an official lead single prior to the release of “Glory Days: The Platinum Edition”. When an artist drops a re-release including new songs, they usually choose one of those new songs and release it as the lead single before the re-release arrives in stores (even giving that single a music video), thus giving the album's release more hype. But strangely this hasn’t been the case for Little Mix’s “Glory Days: The Platinum Edition”. None of the 3 new songs have been picked as lead single and there’s no new music video. Too busy to do that? Or maybe they’re waiting to do that later in the year? Well, they only have one month left!

We’re a bit sad. We were looking forward to a new Little Mix music video now!

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By on November 24, 2017

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