Stream Julia Michaels’ Much-Hyped Selena Gomez Collaboration “Anxiety” And Then The Rest Of Her “Inner Monologue Pt.1” HERE…

julia michaels inner monologue pt 1

God bless Julia Michaels for she has given us a new Selena Gomez song, lol. The “Issues” star released her new EP “Inner Monologue Pt. 1” on Friday. The 6-song project includes a collaboration with Selena Gomez and then one with former One Direction star Niall Horan. But I mean, it’s all eyes on the Selena Gomez track. That’s the truth.

“Anxiety” is the title of the Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez collaboration and it is an acoustic-y, Jason Mraz kind of track that is somewhat reminiscing to Selana’s 2017 single “Bad Liar”, which Julia Michaels helped pen. The song is all about two girls just expressing their true feelings. They are going through a phase of depression and there’s just nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have our ups and downs. That’s just called life. We can’t be happy the entire time for crying out loud! And if you think you can, you are LY-ING.


I loved “Bad Liar” and I am loving this. Julia and Selena’s voice go so well together and I’m just captivated by the lyrics of “Anxiety”. It’s pure TRUTH and FACTS.

Now, check out the REST of Julia Michaels’ “Inner Monologue Pt. 1” EP below… but I’m sure she already knows these other songs will end up being completely ignored, as the main focus will always be on “Anxiety” when it comes to the “Inner Monologue Pt. 1” EP.

By on January 26, 2019
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