Stage Collapses at Sugarland Concert In Indiana

Stage Collapses at Sugarland Concert In Indiana MAIN

This is an absolute tragedy! My thoughts go to all the victims and the family, friends and related to this horrifying event - On Saturday night (August 13th) thousands of Sugarland fans gathered at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis to watch their country music duo perform a concert. Just approx. 30 min after supporting act Sara Bareilles concluded her set, a powerful gust of wind came out of nowhere, making the grandstand stage collapse. This chilling tragedy has resulted in atleast 4 deaths and many injured.

Sara Bareilles and country-music duo Sugarland sent out tweets later that night to first calm fans saying they were okay and second to show support to the victims. Watch below too footage from the stage collapsing, please BE WARNED, these are *shocking* images.

tweet 1

twee 2

By on August 14, 2011
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