Song Premiere: Sam Smith & Normani’s “Dancing With A Stranger” Is The Mid-Tempo BOP We Deserved!

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Oh good. I seriously got worried for a minute this was going to be a ballad.

Sam Smith and Normani premiered this Friday morning their much-anticipated collaboration "Dancing With A Stranger". The song is not a ballad but a cute mid-tempo bop. This has to be Sam Smith's most upbeat single, right? (Talking about songs of his property. His collaborations with DJs don't count). Good for him. He doesn't have to do it like a Adele all the time.

"Dancing With A Stranger" is sensual, it's naughty and it definitely makes me want to hit the dance-floor and get hot and heavy right there in the middle of the crowd with a complete stranger. Mission accomplished, guys! lol.

Sam and Normani talk in the lyrics about being heartbroken after ending a relationship or going though a rocky moment with their partners, and that weird energy combined with the fact they don't want to be alone at night because all they're going to do is think about that person will make them grab their car keys, change from their pajamas and hit the club for one-on-one moment with a complete, hot stranger.


Mid-tempo bops, I'm here for y'all too. Phew! I really thought this was going to be a ballad, guys. I was scared. Thank God it wasn't. Are you grateful too?

These two sound so good together. I hope this is the first of many collaborations!

My only critique for "Dancing With A Stranger" would be that is so SHORT. Less than 3 minutes. What happened with that? Maybe they'll add extra seconds in the music video with a dance break? hehe.


By on January 11, 2019
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