Song Premiere: Maluma Declares War To A Son Of A B*tch In “HP”

maluma hp

When someone breaks your heart, you can do two things. Either cry like a baby locked up in your room or wear your best clothes, look extra pretty and party wildly at the club so everyone, even that dumb ex of yours, takes a good look of fine specimen of human being you are. That ex is going to miss all of you and that's something they will have to feel remorseful about it for the rest of their life. This is what Maluma sings about in his new single "HP", which stands for "hijo de puta" ("son of a bitch"). The Colombian beau is showing his support to a beautiful girl who's been recently heartbreak victim of a foolish man. Maluma warns him he's going to regret hurting the heart of this girl and tells him this girl has a plan for her sweet revenge: public humiliation exhibiting her sexiness.


The song is rather chill, flows nicely and I'm loving this protector role of Maluma in the lyrics. He's growing up!

By on March 3, 2019
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