Song Premiere: Kelly Rowland Reminds Us In “Crown” That All Kinds of Hair Are Beautiful… And Recommends Us To Use A Dove Shampoo To Wash It?

kelly rowland crown

Does this increase in new music indicate we’re closer to the launch of the fifth studio album by Kelly Rowland? It’s been 6 years since “Talk A Good Game”. Sounds like it’s already time, huh?

Last November Kelly Rowland released an urban banger, the fiercely titled “Kelly”, and now, today, February 6th, 2019, the Destiny’s Child star drops another new song, but in contrast to “Kelly” this isn’t entirely an "official" release by Ms. Rowland since this is a strategic collaboration with Dove. Nevertheless, for Kelly to be more “available” to record new music it must mean that the “crave” to go back to the studio has returned to her body and that the release of her fifth studio album could be a reality very soon, right?

Crown”, that’s the title of new song – which has very 2000s sound, was released today on all digital platforms alongside the music video making its way onto YouTube. The song is a anthem where Kelly praises all kinds of hair. Uh-huh. To better understand the message of “Crown” I’d recommend you watch the music video, where she will have the assistance of many kids and teenagers


Is Dove encouraging here a younger demographic to go buy their shampoos? It must be that, right? You already know companies are always looking after their profit and even though the message behind “Crown” is nice and all it definitely must mask a deeper profitable motive for Dove.

I can only say that I like a song with a nice message. I’ll just say that. And that I hope 2019 is a year with much more Kelly Rowland new music.

UPDATE: I just received a press release about "Crown" and look at the text it includes: "About Dove Hair: Dove Hair offers a wide range of solutions that provide deep nourishment and repair to meet women's specific hair needs, whether it is dry, frizzy, in need of volume or damaged. The range includes shampoo, conditioners, treatments and styling products." LOL. Knew it.

By on February 6, 2019
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