Song Premiere: Galantis Keep Folk/Country-EDM Alive With “Bones” Featuring OneRepublic

galantis bones

Just when you thought folk/country-EDM is dead, a song like this one appears.

Swedish EDM production duo Galantis released today a new song titled “Bones” featuring OneRepublic. The song is folk/country-EDM, it’s good, has that ‘grandiose’, ‘big song’ vibe, but it’s really not memorable. It could be that I’m over this genre of music the reason why I’m not “loving”/connecting to this. I personally won’t be giving it a second listen. What about you? Are you still digging folk/country-EDM?


Ryan Tedder’s vocals were very good and the Galantis-produced beat break was enjoyable. But still, big “MEH” overall from me.

Regarding the lyrics of the song, they speak about knowing when you’re truly in love. If you have THAT feeling, not just running through your heart but within your BONES too, then you know it’s true love, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder says.

PS: If Kylie ever thinks of doing a “Golden” alnum re-release, she should give Galantis a ring. They’re also still in the folk/country-EDM zone.

By on January 31, 2019
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