Song Premiere: Billie Eilish Releases Final Version of "wish you were gay"

billie eilish wish you were gay

Billie Eilish released last night "wish you were gay" on digital platforms. This song has been circulating on the Internet in demo form since 2017. Now, the final and mastered version has been released at last. "wish you were gay", where Billie speaks of teenage lust and rejection, is track number 6 from the American singer-songwriter's upcoming “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” debut album, which will be released on March 29th.

This is what Billie has said about what inspired this song:

“I wrote this song about a guy that really was not interested in me and it made me feel horrible so the song is called ‘wish you were gay’. And that’s so not meant to be offensive in any way. It literally means I wish he was gay so that he didn’t like me for an actual reason. And guess what he just came out to me like a couple weeks ago. so I wrote the song and made him fuck a dude. I’m fucking proud bro except not really though because I was really into him, like so into him, he’s so hot oh my god.”

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By on March 5, 2019
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