Song Premiere: Billie Eilish Provides Another WINNER With "When I Was Older" But Was It Truly Inspired By "Roma"?

billie eilish when i was older

This was rather random but I was definitely intrigued when I saw the announcement on social media. Alfonso Cuaron and Billie Eilish? Nice.

Billie Eilish has just released a new song titled "When I Was Older" on social media. The song is billed as have been inspired by the critically-acclaimed latest film by Oscar-winning Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron, "Roma" (everybody needs to see this. It's an outstanding film). But upon my first listen of "When I Was Older", I honestly found no connection whatsoever with "Roma". How about you? Did I miss any reference? I'm giving the song repeats for real but still nothing. So then this popped out in my head: Is this song a song Billie Eilish wrote and recorded long time ago and Alfonso Cuaron or Netflix thought it KIND OF went with the vibe of "Roma" and "bought" it to bring a younger audience to come see the film (give it more views)? Billie Eilish is definitely an icon for the younger demographic at the moment so if that's really the truth of it all, then this is genius. I just wish they would have been more honest with us.

This aside, "When I Was Older" is a fantastic song. Truly another winner from Billie Eilish. You instantly know it's a song from hers, it's an interesting song in the sense you want to hear what's going to come next, Billie provides mysterious and mystical vocals, and I'm simply obsessed with that fast-singing part in the third minute. Wowza. Billie Eilish is going to slay again 2019, isn't she?

STREAM (if embeds don't work for you, wait till midnight your local time - Jan. 8)

By on January 8, 2019
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