Skylar Grey Would Murder For Eminem: Hear Their New Song “Kill For You” Now!

eminem skylark kill for you

Would you murder for love? That’s the scenario Skylar Grey faces on her new song “Kill For You”, which features rap star Eminem.

The Eminem, Mark Batson and Mike Elizo co-produced dark R&B-esque number is featured on Skylar’s third studio album “Natural Causes” which was released in stores yesterday, September 23rd, via KidinaKorner and Interscope.

I must say I haven’t really followed Skylar’s career much after she penned all those hits for Eminem and Rihanna in the past and after she released that catchy “Bicycle” tune, but since “Kill For You” is a collaboration with King Eminem, and we don’t get new songs from him very often these days, I've decided to check Skylar’s music again.

OK. I kind of liked the criminal-esque concept of the song, the dark feel it had, Skylar’s vocals were cute, but I have to keep it real: the thing that truly saves this song is Eminem’s verse in the middle. It’s the only thing I was ready to care for before listening to “Kill For You” and it’s only thing I cared for after listening.

Hit or Miss?

By on September 24, 2016
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