Skylar Grey - "Back From The Dead" (Video)

Skylar Grey walks the museum of bad memories in the music video for "Back From The Dead". The dark song, featuring Big Sean and Travis Barker, is the latest single out from Grey's Eminem-executive produced sophomore album "Don't Look Down".

Can we give Skylar a round of applause?. The Wisconsin girl knows her new album flopped badly on the charts, yet she's still pushing singles out of it. Making a new music video costs a considerate amount of money so I hope either Interscope or Skylar (is her label still putting the money on the table, or is it Skylar who has to use her own resources now?), are getting their money back someway. Maybe Skylar is doing a lot of concerts?. Because I refuse to believe she's releasing single after single, video after video, just to waste money.

As for "Back from the Dead", it's the opening track on "Don't Look Down", and it is produced by Skylar's friend, Alex Da Kid. The song is about the return of a lover who was better gone. The dark visual for the dark song makes the perfect fit. Skylar will take viewers on a guided tour across her museum of bad memories. Big Sean plays the 'demon'.

What do you think of the video?

skylar grey and big sean in music video
By on September 30, 2013
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