Single Review & Audio: Lost Kings & Ally Brooke - “Look At Us Now”

lost kings look at us now

Dinah and Normani are the only ones left now.

Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony just made her solo debut.

The 23-year-old Texas singer is one of the featured artists, alongside rapper A$AP Ferg; on the new Lost Kings single “Look At Us Now”, released today on all digital platforms.

Who are Lost Kings? They’re an American production duo signed to RCA Records who, among other music, released the flawless collaboration with Tinashe, “Quit You”, earlier this year.

“Look At Us Now” is the follow-up single to “Quit You” and it is Lost Kings’ musical bet for the summer season (if it’s up-tempo, then it is summer-approved). And a little bird has told us that Lost Kings are currently cooking up an EP, out in stores later this year, and that they’re eyeing a collaboration with another female singer you all know very well, and we’ve talked about a lot on Direct Lyrics this year…

Look at us now / I just drove to your house, ready for another / When we're here together / Don't this just feel better, yeah?”, sings Miss Ally in the super catchy chorus of the new Lost Kings single. The lyrics are about glorying hooking up with whomever we want, wherever we want, and however we want it. “Wakin' up, feelin' stupid / Said I wouldn't be that person, now I'm here with you”, says Ally in Verse 2.

You got lucky, girl!

I’m not entirely sure I can say Ally’s vocals were born to sing in this genre but I think the ultimate result is quite satisfactory.

The entire melody of “Look At Us Now” is quite delicious, especially in the chorus, but didn’t you also find the EDM production to have some weird, off moments? It almost sounded like Lost Kings left it unfinished, or an unpolished at some sections. Also, there seemed to be an issue with the volume of Ally’s vocals at certain parts of the song. Could this all be an issue with the final mastering that perhaps Lost Kings didn’t double check before sending the song to all platforms? It’s nothing major but it was worth nothing for honesty purposes.

By on June 9, 2017
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