Single Review: Ansel Elgort - "You Can Count On Me" ft. Logic / *Studio Audio Included!

ansel elgort you can count on me

Ansel Elgort (yes, the “Divergent” saga actor is now a singer) previewed this song in concert 8 months ago, and now, finally, he releases the studio version of what it’s confirmed to be his next single, “You Can Count On Me” featuring rapper Logic. And not only Ansel sings a lot in this song, and sings really well, he also produced the track! (Quadruple threat alert: he sings, he writes, he produces, and he acts). 23-year-old Ansel is signed to Island Records and has plans to drop an EP or full-length album later this year.

Baby you can count on me / I'll be right there for you / I'll always adore you”, sings Ansel on the chorus of his comforting anthem, where he will try to communicate an upset girl that she can always count on him to cheer her up when she goes through a bad time. And HELLO, who wouldn’t like to be cheered up by Ansel Elgort? (see below)

Ansel’s soothing vocals are just heavenly (I had no idea he had these pipes), and combined with that piano-driven EDM beat, it’s all too good to be true. This song so happily impresses me. It could be a real hit for Ansel this summer! And what about Logic’s rap bridge? He killed that! Gave me Chance the Rapper vibes.

By on June 2, 2017
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