Simple Plan Want Teen Domination (Again) With Comeback Single “Saturday”: Listen

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Hello there, Simple Plan.

Didn’t we all (or almost all) of us love this Canadian rock band in the early 2000s?

For 6 years they were really on a roll. They had hits like “Perfect” or “Welcome to My Life”, and toured the entire world. Unfortunately for them, their time kind of expired around 2009. Singles didn’t chart high anymore and album sales decreased. Simple Plan’s last album, 2011’s “Get Your Heart On!” debuted at no. 52 on the US Billboard Top 200.

Was that the end of the band? They technically didn’t go into hiatus as they kept on performing shows here and there but no new music was released. However, in early 2013 band members commented that their fifth studio album was already in the works. Of course, 2013 and 2014 passed and no new album was released. No real motives were told to explain the delay.

But the time of waiting is finally over (four years after the last album)! In happy news for Simple Plan fans the band is confirmed to be coming back with the new music and we already have a release timeframe: this year! SP dropped on iTunes today the lead single of what will be their fifth studio album, out later in 2015 via Lava/Atlantic.

However, instead of moving forward with their music sound, Simple Plan is moving backwards. I’m not saying the quality is bad, but it’s very surprising to say the least. You would think the guys would release something more mature in 2015, in fact they already showed growth in “Get Your Heart On!”, but it’s all the contrary. Their new single, titled “Saturday”, sounds like a song One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer could record. It’s very teen demographic-oriented, carefree, and very bubbly pop/rock. I seriously just checked my calendar again. For a second I thought I had been teleported back to 2001 but nop.

Saturday” is catchy (it’s your typical song where two young lovers dream of partying every day, having shots like maniac, and just do nothing and watch Netflix from the sofa), and although I can’t really say I despise the song, because I repeat the song is catchy, I can’t help to feel a bit sad for Simple Plan because either they just threw the towel musically and they think they can’t come up with better music than this or their label gave them an ultimatum and obliged them to record this kind of bubbly music to maintain their record deal, and no matter what option it is, I feel a bit bad for them. But then again, if "Saturday" miraculously becomes a hit, then nothing I'm saying will matter.

Hit or Miss?

By on June 22, 2015
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