Sia Premieres New "Christmas" Song "Snowman": Stream This Ballad

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Sia Premieres New "Christmas" Song "Snowman": Stream This Ballad

Sia released a new song called “Snowman” on digital platforms today. “Snowman” is the first countdown single from the Australian singer’s forthcoming debut holiday album “Every Day is Christmas”, which will be out in stores on November 17th. In contrast with the album’s lead single “Santa’s Coming for Us”, “Snowman” is a straight forward ballad and one where Sia talks about her love for snowmen (possibly as a metaphor of her love for a real life man?) and her wishing they never melt away for she always ends up missing embracing them.

Again this is another song from Sia's holiday album that doesn’t really sound as traditional Christmas music. It’s honestly Sia just taking Christmas themes to write and record HER ol' signature songs. But hey… this is a free world and Sia is allowed to record whatever she pleases. It’s just that if you’re looking to buy new music that gets you for real in the Christmas spirit, then Sia’s “holiday” album won't be the right product for you. But if you, like us, are open to give “experimental” and “different” Christmas a go this year, then start by getting rid of your classic holiday songs and embrace Sia's take-on-Christmas music. It's ultimately refreshing.

By on November 9, 2017

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