Shocking: One Direction's Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Caught Smoking Marijuana Joints! [Video]

zayn smokes marijuana

Who is their Lil’ Twist? (or is there no one to blame here?) One Direction stars Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are weed smokers and Daily Mail has obtained footage to prove it. And you are not going to believe who the cameraman was! Click 'play' below and be ready to hurt your jaw when it drops to the floor.

The story is: One Direction was on their way to the second concert of their ‘Where We Are’ stadium tour in Lima, Peru last April. The five members of the successful Britsh boyband were divided into two SUVs. Zayn and Louis shared one. In the video above - which we just don't know how Daily Mail obtained - you see Louis FILMING (dumbass!) with his cellphone colleague Zayn as he smokes a marijuana joint. Other people in the SUV are: three bodyguards, and the driver. Phrases likes; 'Are we allowed to talk contraband in this?’ or ‘I’m sure they [the police] can smell illegal substances here’, pretty much reveal that what they were smoking weren't innocent tobacco roll-ups.

zayn and louis smoke weed

Zayn is just so high!! He had so many drags! Louis had his share too but he still sounded lucid. Zayn, though… How did he manage to perform an entire concert in that state? This is BAD. First, ‘cause weed is bad for his health (yes, it's bad), and second, 'cause you just can't get high before a concert as it its disrespectful to your fans that bought expensive tickets to watch you perform at your best, not your worst!


zayn gets high in peru
By on May 28, 2014
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