She Can Be A Discreet Lady! Natti Natasha Premieres New Sensual Song “Me Gusta”

natti natasha me gusta video
natti natasha me gusta video premiere

Dominican reggaeton star Natti Natasha just released a new single that will undoubtedly be in the must-play playlists of all DJs working at Latin clubs this New Year’s Eve. Of course Natti was going to release a song that you could dance to, really close and really intimate, with your loved one on the dancefloor as 2019 officially arrives. “Me Gusta” is that song. It’s not a crazy upbeat all-reggaeton record; it’s a bit more laidback, sensual and a little trap-influenced and this is clearly Natti wanting to give her fans a song that they could dance in couples with their arms all around them and moving erotically. DJs must always vary. They can’t give you too many upbeat songs consecutively, and that’s where the spot for Natti Natasha’s “Me Gusta” is.

Natti Natasha sings in “Me Gusta” about having a secret affair with a man already in an official relationship with another woman. But Natti doesn’t care about that. She just wants the good time he’s getting from the guy and she’s turned on by the idea of having to be discreet.

The music video for “Me Gusta” was released simultaneously with the song. The visual sees the Dominican chanteuse serving metallic outfits, gorgeous make-up and hair, and performing her sensual song as back-up dancers, both male and female, do provocative choreographies behind her. She has one stunning face!

WATCH (click here for lyrics)

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By on December 4, 2018
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