Shawn Mendes Gets Seriously Beaten Up In NEW “Stitches” Music Video: Watch

shawn mendes stitches video
shawn mendes stitches music video

Shawn Mendes Gets Seriously Beaten Up In NEW “Stitches” Music Video: Watch

Newcomer Shawn Mendes’ latest single “Stitches”, from his debut full-length studio album “Handwritten”, is on the rise on the pop charts and that only means 3 things: 1) this new hit single combined with his previous and to the fact his tours have been successful definitely guarantees him a second album, 2) “Stitches” is going to get more promotion, and 3) a new music video has to be shot because the first one was simply terrible (a girl dancing in her room with no appearance whatsoever by Shawn).

Oh wait. Island Records have already taken her of the third point.

Watch at the bottom of this page the BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO for Shawn Mendes’ heartbreak song “Stitches”, directed by Jon Jon Augustavo. This new version comes three months after the original MV premiered. And YES, it’s a huge improvement.

The budget-better clip shows Mr. Mendes parking his fancy car at a high-rise city parking and receiving invisible blows on the face as he moves away. WTF? I guess it must be the ghost of his ex or something! Poor Shawn will get so bruised up. And at one point the ‘ghost’ will throw him at a wall and make the “Stitches” singer crash through it! Ouch!

What do you think of the video?

By on June 25, 2015

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