SHAME! Cardi B Gets Harassed By Racist, Entitled Local People As She Arrives For The First Time In Australia: Watch

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cardi b australia airport

I feel so bad for Cardi B.

I know it's totally unfair to say Australia is a racist country but unfortunately that's the impression the "Money" star got when she touched down in the Land Down Under on Saturday night.

Cardi B has been booked to perform a New Year's Eve show in Australia and then two dates at a festival in New Zealand in the New Year. Cardi arrived in Australia last night and upon her arrival she was harassed by two racist local people. First, a paparazzi harassed her entourage when Cardi B's security man tried to protect the raptress from photographers'' proximity. "It's my country. Our rules, not yours. Let's be clear on that", the rude photographer shouted. Then he continued vomiting venom Picking on Cardi B's decision to cover her face with a blanket, the man shouted: "Why the blanket? It's hot here", followed by "Are you having an identity crisis?". At that point I would have whooped his ass!

Then, a few minutes later but still in the airport terminal a "fan" approached Cardi B and asked her for a selfie. She refused as clearly it wasn't the best moment, plus she had her face cover with a blanket for crying out loud (but this "fan" didn't get the point I guess!). So the woman got all rude and walked away shouting "No doubt why your husband left you". At that point, Cardi B's publicist had had enough and this time she told this rude woman a few things!

Ugh. What's wrong with these people? They sounded entitled, racist, trashy and straight-up dumb. Come on, Australia. You need to make the names of those these two people public so we, or their government, can educate them!

Cardi B did an Instagram Live following the incidents:

She sounded very upset. And I know for sure her Australian fans must have gotten their hearts broken when she said she thanked God she didn't tell her mother to bring her daughter to Australia for New Year's Eve (so they will stay in America as Cardi B works). She's pissed, y'all, and with much reason.

What do you think about all this? Do you think Cardi B will not return to Australia to tour any time soon?

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By on December 30, 2018
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