Shakira’s New Song “Clandestino” Is A Poor Man’s Version Of Natti Natasha’s “Criminal”? Listen Up!

shakira clandestino

I don't like average Shakira.

Her last album "El Dorado" was average, and now this "new song" is very average too. And I say "new song" in inverted commas because I have the feeling this track "Clandestino" is a rejected piece from the "El Dorado" LP. Shakira wants this song to be her 2018 summer hit (in view no new album is planned for the near future) and that it helps improve too the ticket sales of her new world tour (which due to all the delays not all dates are sold-out).

"Clandestino" is very Caribbean, very Jamaican and some reggaeton too. It's a mid-tempo sexy chill track where Shakira and Maluma sing about some forbidden love (theirs!). To me personally, "Clandestino" is vey weak (if it was indeed meant for "El Dorado", I totally see why it was rejected). It's not an awful song but it gets very boring very fast. Plus, it just reminds me a lot to Natti Natasha and Ozuna's reggaeton hit "Criminal". Of course Shakira and Maluma's "Clandestino" would be a poor man's version of it. Don't you get that same "Criminal" vibe? Just imagine "Clandestino" with a little stronger reggaeton beat and a little bit more uptempo sound.

Will this be a hit? Well, being a Shakira single, and it being a collaboration with Maluma, chances are high this will perform well on Latin charts and Latin radio. But I strongly repeat this is very average Shakira.


Read the lyrics to "Clandestino" here

By on June 8, 2018
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