Shakira - "El Dorado": Full Album Lyrics

shakira el dorado lyrics

El Dorado”, like the name of the lost city of gold of the myth, is the eleventh studio album of Colombian pop superstar Shakira. The global release date for the LP is May 26th. Again, RCA and Sony will be in charge of the distribution.

13 tracks in total make up this Spanglish album of “El Dorado”, with 3 of them not being actual “Shakira” songs. “Comme Moi”, “La Bicicleta”, and “Déjà vu” are singles by Black M., Carlos Vives, and Prince Royce, respectively, with Shakira being a mere “featured artist” on them. These gentlemen were kind enough, though, to let her include their songs on the tracklist of her new album. Or maybe that was the agreement they reached with Shakira in order to get her to feature on their songs? Maybe!

“El Dorado” is Shakira’s first album in 3 years. Her last album her eponymous one released in the spring of 2014.

The official singles from the album prior arrival in stores were: “Chantaje”, featuring Maluma, and “Me Enamoré”.

Full list of guest stars on this album: Maluma (on two songs), Nicki Jam, Black M., Carlos Vives, Prince Royce and MAGIC!.


  1. Me Enamoré
  2. Nada
  3. Chantaje (feat. Maluma)
  4. When a Woman
  5. Amarillo
  6. Perro fiel (feat. Nicky Jam)
  7. Trap (feat. Maluma)
  8. Comme moi (ft. Black M)
  9. Coconut Tree
  10. La Bicicleta (ft. Carlos Vives)
  11. Deja vu (ft. Prince Royce)
  12. What We Said (feat. MAGIC!)
  13. Toneladas
By on May 25, 2017
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