Shakira - Rabiosa (Music Video!)

Shakira - Rabiosa (Music Video!)

Ever wanted to see Shakira in a bikini working the stripper pole? Well, this is your lucky day! The Colombian pop star has premiered today (June 7th) the official music video for her amazing new single "Rabiosa" - taken of course from her "Sale El Sol " LP. Best song on the album without a doubt and with this release Shakira can perfectly conclude the "Sale El Sol" era IMO. There just aren't any songs left on the disc that are single-worthy. BTW, I really hope Shakira also shot the "Rabiosa" music video with the Spanish version, which is one billion times better than its English counterpart.

As for the Jaume de Laiguana-directed MV, shot in Barcelona, Spain, it's basically one big basement party, where Shaki has a blast wearing a funny black bob wig, walks through the entire place being the center of attention, dives into a bathtub filled with colorful plastic balls...and of course there are the sensational stripper pole scenes. Sick body Shaki!

By on June 7, 2011

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