"Sexy Boy" Liam Payne Shoots New Music Video Shirtless With J. Balvin In Miami

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"Sexy Boy" Liam Payne Shoots New Music Video Shirtless With J. Balvin In Miami

It’s official. J. Balvin is becoming the new Pitbull. And just like Cardi B is doing with Nicki Minaj, the Colombian reggaeton artist is stealing so many collaborations from Mr. Worldwide. The latest? A collaboration with Liam Payne. The “Strip That Down” singer shot yesterday in Miami the music video for his next single, which according to some rumors is titled “Familiar”. The song will be a collaboration with “Machika” star J. Balvin and the mystery is whether he will sing in English or Spanish… or maybe Spanglish?

Both Liam and J. Balvin shared multiple photos and videos from the music video set and some of that material included really close selfies of both singers and a video of Mr. Payne shirtless and showing off his abs and Calvin Klein boxers. Liam’s good looks were praised by J. Balvin who called him “sexy boy” in that specific video.

Expect the premiere of Liam Payne’s new single to take place in the following weeks. It’s a been a minute since we’ve had new music from Liam. His last official single was “Bedroom Floor” released in October last year (not counting “For You” because its movie soundtrack material). And we all know “Bedroom Floor” flopped so bad.

With the incorporation of J. Balvin, I’m guessing “Familiar” (if that indeed is how the song is titled) will have a more global sound and a hot beat.

UPDATE: We now have confirmation the song is titled "Familiar". See the confirmation the first video below. And in the second video see how bad

By on February 25, 2018

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