Selena Gomez’s “I Can’t Get Enough” One-Take Music Video Is Out: Watch Now!

selena gomez i cant get enough video
selena gomez i cant get enough video premiere

The official music video for "I Can't Get Enough", the new joint single by Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez and J Balvin, premiered today (March 12) on YouTube.

For me the song is a bop but the general public in the U.S seems to not be feeling it. Why do I say this? Well, a) "I Can't Get Enough" debuted at #93 on the Hot 100 and b) as of this post, the song is nowhere to be found on the Top 100 Songs chart on iTunes. Truly shocking...

The music video for "I Can't Get Enough" was directed by Jake Schreier and shot in one take.

The music video sees Selena, J Balvin and Tainy wearing pajamas as they make their way across a monster, miles-long bed and Benny Blanco in an adorable white teddy bear costume twerking for his life and falling down multiple times (once because he was pushed by Selena).


LOL. I really liked this!

By on March 12, 2019
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