Selena Gomez Stars In New 'Pantene' Commercial: Watch Her Be A Spanish-Speaking Mom!

selena gomez pantene
selena gomez pantene commercial

Selena Gomez is back on the spotlight thanks to a new Pantene commercial, currently only being broadcast in Latin America countries and on "Latino" channels in the U.S. The commercial made its debut on Wednesday (Jan. 9). It's all in Spanish (that's Selena's voice at the very end).

Have a watch:

Mmm... Does this feel recently-shot to you? I know it's "Taki Taki" playing the background but I feel like that was added in post-production. Selena could have been dancing to ANY song. I feel like this was shot a long time ago and that Pantene was just going to add whatever latest new song Selena had put out by the time of broadcast debut as background music. It just happened to be "Taki Taki" that latest new song.

That aside, I must say Selena looks BEAUTIFUL in the commercial, she looks radiant, and I just can't help but to smile when I see her smile. But I too must say that I think this overall commercial is a bit of a fail. For starters, making Selena a mom? And then, if they didn't say it I wouldn't know this was a shampoo commercial. Use the freaking product!

Anyway, who's hoping 2019 is the return of SINGER Selena Gomez? I need new hits from her!

By on January 10, 2019
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