Selena Gomez Shoots Music Video With Cardi B, Ozuna & DJ Snake: Global Monster Hit Is COMING!

selena gomez dj snake
selena gomez dj snake ozuna
selena gomez dj snake cardi b

I'm shook. Selena Gomez has shared on social media behind the scenes photos and clips of a new music video she just shot for a collaborative single with Cardi B, reggaeton/latin trap star Ozuna and producer DJ Snake (who has produced “Let Me Love You”, featuring Justin Bieber, among other bops). Unexpected? Surely if you think this is a song from Selena's next studio album but this is actually going to be DJ Snake's next worldwide single. So now this mix of artists is totally understandable, right?

No word yet on when DJ Snake plans to release this song, which will undoubtedly be a hit everywhere, but for him to be revealing the artists involved and teasing the music video already, it must mean the premiere is imminent.

As for the behind the scenes material shared by Selena on social media a few hours ago, she looks amazingly gorgeous in the photos and videos posted and YEY to see Cardi B back in the game like this. And OH MY if she scores her third #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year (or maybe her fourth because “Girls Like You” is about to hit #1). If this happens, Nicki is going to lose it, lol.


By on August 25, 2018
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