Selena Gomez's "Fetish" Music Video Is So Disturbing

selena gomez fetish video
selena gomez fetish video premiere

Selena Gomez's "Fetish" Music Video Is So Disturbing

Here’s Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” music video – directed by Petra Collins (a Canadian-born, NYC-based photographer. See her work here). The music video for the “Bad Liar” follow-up single premiered at noon EST sharp on VEVO today, July 26th.

“Fetish”, featuring Gucci Mane, is, as of this post, at #45 (up 10 positions from last week) on the U.S pop radio chart. Will this newly-released music video help the sexy song climb positions even faster from now on? Let’s click play and find out.

So disturbing.

This is neither what I had in mind nor what I imagined from when I saw the teasers of this music video. I imagined something sexy, something that would have a smooth subtle choreography, and Selena getting hot and heavy with a good-looking guy. Instead we’ve received a music video filled with bizarre activities – such as Selena cutting her tongue with an eyelash curler, eating a soap bar, wanting to catch a cold by messing around in a freezer room filled with frozen peaches, dangerously crawling on a table full of lit-up candles, painting her teeth with lipstick, etc, etc, etc.


I think the only scenes I truly liked were the ones of Selena covering the powerful morning sunlight with her right hand out in the street. These scenes were visually beautiful. I love how director Petra Collins shot them. But the rest? Yikes. It was hard to watch. Don’t think I’ll be giving this a second play. But hey, I’m still digging and supporting “Fetish”. It’s the tune of the year.

selena uses lipstick the wrong way
selena gomez eats soap bar

What do you think the music video is truly about?

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