Selena Gomez' New Album "Revival" Tracklist Revealed!

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Blame it on a terrible mistake!

Amazon France has accidentally leaked the full tracklist of the upcoming Selena Gomez album. Selena’s first studio effort with new label Interscope Records titled “Revival” won’t be out till October 9th.

Revival” will be made of 14 tracks. Although, everything points out that the tracklisting Amazon France has leaked belongs to that of the deluxe version of Selena’s new LP. 14 tracks on the standard? Impossible!

Taking a quick look at the “Revival” tracklist, it seems this will be Selena Gomez’ sexiest and steamiest album ever. Some titles are “Hands to Myself” or “Body Heat”.

As no doubt once Amazon France becomes aware of its terrible mistake - and potential critical blow at Selena’s marketing campaign for her new album (perhaps she had already planned a cool way to reveal the song titles!?) - they will immediately remove the tracklist, see below a screenshot of what can be seen over there as of this post.


1. Revival

2. Kill Em With Kindness

3. Hands To Myself

4. Same Old Love

5. Sober

6. Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)

7. Camouflage

8. Me & the Rhythm

9. Survivors

10. Body Heat

11. Rise

12. Me & My Girls

13. Nobody

14. Perfect


selena gomez tracklist revival

What song are you most curious to hear?

By on September 4, 2015
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