Sean Paul’s New Single With Becky G May Be Officially Titled “Mad Love” But We All Will Know It By “Watch The Tempo”

becky g mad love

This song is at least a year old. It was originally a song featuring vocals from Shakira but in the end only God knows why the Colombian kept delaying giving the green light to release this, but rumor had it she wasn’t fully comfortable with how the song ended up being, and since months passed and passed and Sean Paul (main artist), and David Guetta (producer)’s impatience got bigger, they eventually removed Shakira from the song and went on to search for another Latina singer that would fit in greatly. And who could fit better than one of the hottest Latinas of the moment, Becky G, right? The song is called “Mad Love” (as announced by Guetta in an interview last year), it was released over the weekend on digital platforms, and the song is a freaking banger. It’s dance-pop, dancehall, Caribbean, Latin, Ibiza all at once.

I honestly was going to give the “Mad Love” at bad review after my first listen but as I kept putting in more spins on my Spotify and last night I heard it in the club (DJs here are so fast) and totally gave my all bopping to it, I changed my mind. I still think the song is rather basic and generic, but that hard beat in the post chorus and that “WATCH THE TEMPO” chant just penetrated my brain and it’s been impossible to remove them ever since. I just love that part so much. My favorite of the song. I love putting that precise part on loop. ‘Cause Sean Paul’s part is okay, Becky G’s parts are cute, but the post-chorus, OMG, is pure and raw LIFE.

If it was me, I would have named this song "Watch The Tempo" by the way, lol.

By on February 19, 2018
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