Sammy Adams - 'Only One' (Music Video)

Sammy Adams - 'Only One' (Music Video)

Watch now Sammy Adams' music video for "Only One", the brand new single lifted from Boston's Boy's upcoming major label debut album, due out later in 2012 via RCA Records - The album's original first single 'Blow Up' didn't exactly blow up on the charts when released in late 2011, even though the promotional efforts Sammy did (gigs, radio interviews, and a performance on 'Conan'), but fear not cause RCA has a lot of faith put on this kid. And now they've given Sammy this radio-friendly electro-pop song called "Only One" to release as his new single, and let me tell you, it is catchy!

Not sure if Sammy's 'hardcore' fans will like it though, cause it's obviously very mainstream-oriented, but I think 'Only One' will bring the 'big money' to truly sounds like a Top 40 hit, y'all. BTW, it's quite clear his label is trying to turn Sammy Adams into the male Ke$ha. I mean...white boy rapper, that also can sing, has the good looks, and totally fits the electro-pop style. Plus, Sammy Adams and Ke$ha are on the same label now, so a duet will more likely happen. The music video for "Only One" premiered on Thursday (June 7th), and you can check it out above. I think I needed something more fun and less serious, but the 'fighting for my girl' concept was appropriate I assume.

What do you think of the video?

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By on June 7, 2012

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