Sam Smith Is "Burning" In Heartbreak: New Song Premiere

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Sam Smith Is "Burning" In Heartbreak: New Song Premiere

Sam Smith can’t move on yet from the heartbreak he feels from having calling it quits with his boyfriend. And he knows, even though he shouldn’t because it would make things a lot harder, that if he calls for “one more night together”, he would be so weak as to say no. This is the story of Sam’s new song “Burning”, which is now the new countdown single from the British singer’s forthcoming second studio album “The Thrill Of It All”, which will be arriving next week on the 3rd of November. “Burning”, a stunning piano ballad, is available as of this Friday morning on all digital platforms

Such a burden / This flame on my chest / No insurance to pay for the damage / Yeah, I've been burning up since you left”, sings Sam in the chorus to later add “Oh, have you ever called / I will burst straight back / Give you my forgiveness / And the shirt off my back” in a subsequent verse. There’s no denying there was much pain and confusion in Sam’s mind when he wrote “Burning”.

If you love a good heartbreak ballad, listen up below.

By on October 27, 2017

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