Sad: Is That Halsey Snorting…? See For Yourselves!

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Sad: Is That Halsey Snorting…? See For Yourselves!

Oh no.

Halsey was photographed by paparazzi in Miami this past weekend while relaxing on a yacht with some friends and boyfriend G-Eazy snorting an unknown substance that appears to be cocaine. Immediately after the publishing of these pictures, which are an exclusive from the Daily Mail who published them yesterday night, hundreds of fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment and/or concern.

Here’s a fan tweet that stood out to us:

Indeed, we hope Halsey stays safe and healthy. She’s a big girl and she can do whatever she pleases but 1) whether she likes it or not she’s a role model in the sense many girls and boys look up to her, and 2) if that substance proves to be what we believe it is then that’s only going to damage her career in the medium term and we wouldn’t like that.

When did this start, though? When she met boyfriend G-Eazy? The “Him And I” rapper also lived a similar snorting controversy not too long ago. Guess we have to pay closer attention to the people we let into our lives…

By on January 3, 2018
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