Rosalia Drowns In A Toilet Cubicle In “Bagdad” Music Video: Watch

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Rosalia has come forth with the premiere of her new music video for “Bagdad”, one of the many gems included on the Spanish singer’s second album “El Mal Querer”. Rosalia premiered this new visual tonight at 6pm Spain time and it is another fascinating effort by the Catalan girl. If you don’t know Rosalia yet, you a damn fool! Get into her ASAP. You can thank me later. Listen to this new song “Bagdad” first, by means of watching the music video below, and then go stream “El Mal Querer”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish, Rosalia's music and voice will communicate with your soul in a universal language.

WATCH (click here for the lyrics)

That “Cry Me A River” sample is to die for. Has an English speaking pop girl sampled this song yet? Or is Rosalia the first one? She’s so clever.

Bagdad” is another mystical-sounding song from Rosalia, she literally takes me to church and heaven with it and the music video is another piece of art from her. I’ve literally lost count of her masterpieces because it’s all of her music videos. This new one is a bit scary because it’s one of my most-feared nightmares: to die drowned in a toilet cubicle.

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By on December 4, 2018
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