Robyn Gets In A Sweet Trance In “Honey” Music Video: Watch Here!

robyn honey video
robyn honey video premiere

We’ve had to wait three months to get this music video but it’s all good. Even if she had told us to wait 5 or 10 months, I would have waited so patiently because that’s what my Swedish queen would wanted and because I knew the music video would be out when it was ready and perfect - and here it is finally. Robyn premiered the much-anticipated “Honey” music video this Wednesday afternoon. For those of you who live under a rock, “Honey” is the second single and title track from Robyn’s eighth studio album that was released in October. The laidback bop “Honey”, the song, is so addictive, sounds like a classic that will be praised and remembered for several years to come, and it’s pop perfection - the only kind of pop Robyn can do.

Directed by Max Vitali, it’s a bit complicated to explain what is seen in the “Honey” music video but what I saw is exactly what I imagine in my mind when I listen to this song with my eyes closed so I can undoubtedly say Robyn nailed this visual. This is giving me sex, it’s giving me passion, it’s giving me musk, and I love how “in a trance” Robyn looked in her dancing scenes. She and everybody else actually. Where is that private club at? I need to be there and have what everyone in this music video had. Take me, Robyn!

WATCH (click here for the lyrics)

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By on December 5, 2018
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