Robin Thicke New Single “Morning Sun” Hits Radio July 7th: Listen to 30 Seconds Now!

robin thicke morning sun

I guess someone isn’t following my advice. And I’m talking about Robin Thicke.

In 2013 Robin released his “Blurred Lines” album that spawned the monster hit that was its title track. However, it was only one song that became a hit. The rest of official singles did not come close or simply did not even chart. The following year, and inspired by his heartbreaking divorce from wife Paula Patton, the Thicke singer dropped the album “Paula”. The album was filled with songs inspired by real experiences from Robin and Paula’s relationship when it was still okay, and ‘sorry’ songs from Robin that were an attempt to get Paula back. Unfortunately, there was no impact. “Paula” went on to become Robin’s worst-selling album ever, only selling 24,000 copies in the US in its first week, 530 in the UK and 550 in Canada. Robin’s image and career was evidently severely hurt.

So is Robin following my advice of taking a very long hiatus from releasing solo music in order to reconnect with his soul/create some sort of ‘comeback’ hype? Nop. He is one stubborn man.

A new single titled “Morning Sun”, performed by Robin Thicke, has just been listed for radio premiere on July 7. Insterscope is still supporting Robin, and the song is confirmed to be the lead single from the blue-eyed man’s forthcoming eighth studio album, out in stores later this year. Unbelievable.

Listen below to 30 seconds of the soul-pop single before it arrives in two weeks.

From this snippet, “Morning Sun” already sounds better than everything on “Paula”, but it’s sadly not giving me “hit” vibes (sorry, Robin). It's feel-good, but I've heard tons of music like this in the past. I guess someone should have taken a longer break….


By on June 26, 2015
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