Robbie Williams - Candy (Music Video)

She may not have been good to him while he was alive, but Robbie will be her guardian angel regardless! Watch now the fun and totallly 'approved by me' music video for Robbie William's "Candy", the Gary Barlow-penned first single from the singer's upcoming new solo album "Take The Crown"...Enjoy!

Loving the song (so instant!), and I'm loving its music video as well. Filmed in the streets of Spitalfields, East London, the "Candy" visual sees Robbie, in the role of guardian angel (as I understand...), doing everything to protect and make things more comfortable to his beloved lady, played by Kaya Scodelario. Robbie gets run over by cars, gets in a serious fight, punches an old woman (what!), catches on fire, and many other terrible things, only for the sake of THE GIRL. Brilliant video!! And the way I'm getting addicted to this song is ridiculous. I now think it could be #1 in the UK. It deserves! BTW, my only critique would be the premiere date of the "Candy" vid. The single premiered only yesterday, Monday (Sept. 10), and the video gets debuted only a day after?. UK ways are weird. They should've let the hype of the audio premiere rest at least a week, or a bit more, until unveiling the video. It works more in favour of the artist IMO.


Pink Robbie #1Pink Robbie #1
By on September 11, 2012
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