Rita Ora Releases Acceptance Anthem “Proud”: Listen Now!

rita ora proud

Rita Ora Releases Acceptance Anthem “Proud”: Listen Now!

Another new Rita Ora song? Yes please, gimme!

The British-Kosovar singer has teamed up with Absolut’s The Open Mic Project to create a brand new song that will promote self-acceptance. The track is entitled “Proud” and it premiered moments ago on YouTube!

The lyrics of the song were inspired by the several real stories about acceptance submitted to The Open Mic Project by people all over the world.

"It’s a beautiful thing because it’s about using music to encourage more acceptance in today’s world—regardless of your beliefs or borders," Rita said in an official statement. "It was really cool to connect with my fans and even make new ones and collect hundreds of real stories of acceptance. It was so inspiring to read. I read through as many as absolutely possible to read and it really helped make writing “Proud” that much more meaningful and real. I just want to encourage more acceptance in today’s world. It’s such a positive thing to do—now more than ever we really need it. Two or three years ago, I wasn’t sure if I would ever put out the music that I want and to be me and be free. Now, in 2018, I feel like that. In 2016, I thought there was no fucking way I’d be able to do what I want. How times change, right?".

Preach it, girl!

Proud” is such a good song, Rita sings it so well, and I’m just loving the message behind it. You will definitely feel a little better with yourself after listening to this.

By on January 19, 2018
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