Rita Ora Is “Falling To Pieces” & We Have Fallen In Love With This Trumpet-Filled New Song: Premiere

rita ora falling to pieces

What did I tell you? We're just 2 days away from Rita Ora's new album “Phoenix” arriving in stores but the Kosovo princess decided to drop a new countdown single today. I mean, we can wait, gurl. If you give us almost all the album before release day, then what's the point of buying the whole set this Friday? But anyway, strategy criticism aside, Rita's new countdown single “Falling to Pieces” is amazing. I think it is my favorite song from “Phoenix” after “Anywhere” to this date. The song is very chill but it's sensual, it's got that kind of Caribbean subtle vibe, and the trumpets, oh the trumpets. You know I live for a trumpet. This whole production is just pleasure to my ears. And I liked how the tempo got a little faster towards the second minute. It then got impossible not to move your body to the beat.

I'm maybe twisted, you're unkind / I wanna know what's on your mind / You do the same thing every night”, sings Rita in “Falling to Pieces”, a song whose lyrics speak of a relationship between two people who apparently aren’t the perfect match but who have a deep attraction no matter what. Rita's vocals are just a bliss to listen to.


By on November 21, 2018
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